Complaint Procedures

The Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) is established by journalists and mandated under Law No 02/2013 of 08/02/2013 to regulate the daily functioning of the media and administer the Rwanda Journalists and Media Practitioners’ Code of Ethics (the Code).

The RMC receives complaints related to the Code and examine such complaints to determine the appropriate resolution or sanction under this Procedure for Handling Cases.

While it is the role of RMC to examine cases of breaches of the Code, through a complaints-based process, the RMCregards it as being of great importance to have a clear and transparent procedure for the handling of cases, which affords protection to all parties. Cases will be settled with sole reference to the Code.

The system is designed to maintain standards in the media by enforcing the terms of the Code and so holding journalist/editors/media practitioners/broadcasters to account, while still preserving appropriate freedom of expression and freedom of the media. This is primarily achieved by the RMC administering an efficient and free complaints service. The RMC encourages complainants, as the more people use the system, the more the media are held to account for their decisions. This will lead to a rise in standards in the media in Rwanda.

As a fundamental principle, the RMC aims to resolve complaints, and reach an amicable resolution between the parties, through mediation before moving to a full adjudication process and a formal decision.

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