About us

Who we are: RMC (Rwanda Media Commission) Is the Media Self Regulatory Body in Rwanda instructed by Law N0. 02/2013 of 08/02/2013 Regulating Media most especially in its Article 2 (para 20) and established by all Rwandan journalists in their General Assembly of 27/8/2013. The self regulatory body is mandated to Protect journalists, regulate their conduct and the daily functioning of media and advocate for media freedom in Rwanda.

Vision: A society where media freedom is respected, upheld, protected and maintained and where journalists and media practitioners are professional and responsible.

Mission: To promote media freedom and professionalism as well as arbitrate media disputes and educate the public and journalists about the media and its role in society.

           MANDATE OF RMC: RMC has a triple mandate

  1. Promoting, nurturing and protecting ethical journalistic practices
  2. Defending media freedom and;
  3. Speaking on behalf of the media fraternity as a whole especially as far as promotion and protection of ethical principles as well as freedom are concerned.