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Rwanda Media Commission Scoops Global Prize – WSIS

Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), the Media Self-regulatory Body in Rwanda, has scooped a global prize in tackling the ethical dimensions of the information society at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland. The prize award ceremony was conducted on 26th May 2015, at the headquarters of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva, Switzerland.

WSIS Prizes

WSIS Project Prizes – 2015/ WSIS – Geneva

RMC project has been submitted in the category “Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society”. RMC’s project is titled “Tackling Ethical Dimensions of Online Media Content through Self-regulation”.

The project summarizes the impact of the fast growing online media sector on media regulation in Rwanda, and how RMC as a media self-regulatory body is dealing with the ethical and professional dimensions of this sector. It highlights RMC’s approach which includes regular meetings with online news editors based on the Code of Ethics, regular conversations with editors when ethical gaps are noted, and a plan of developing online complaints handling procedures.


RMC Executive Secretary Julius NDAYISABA with ITU SG Houlin Zhao / WSIS – Geneva

The WSIS Project Prizes is a unique recognition for excellence in the implementation of WSIS outcomes and provides a platform to identify and showcase success stories and models that could be easily replicated and particularly recognize the efforts of stakeholders for their added value to the society and commitment towards achieving WSIS goals.

Besides participating in the Summit, attended the launch of the publication “WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2015”, which is a compilation of the extended descriptions of the 18 winning projects, including RMC’s project; participate in the winners’ exhibition through display of posters and other visibility materials about the work of RMC, participated in the Knowledge Café on Innovation, at which they presented a narrative on how innovation is relevant to RMC’s project and work; and participated in an interview by an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) videographer for all prize winners.

The Summit, which started Monday 25th May 2015, ends today this Friday 29th May 2015.


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