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RMC media content monitoring report on elections (Week II)

RMC monitored sampled morning Radio talk shows on five identified radio stations focusing on elections related content that was aired in the period of 13th, 14th and 20th July, 2017.

The report measured prominence given to election related topics in the talk shows; Discourse on presidential candidates’ agendas and manifestos; Developmental related issues discussed in the talk shows that reflecting to public interests in EDPRS II; And if the talk shows gave priority to educate voters on election process.

The overall results indicate that the talk shows performed the duty to fully and accurately inform and educate the public and specifically the electorate on the elections related information to enable them make informed decision. They however underperformed on providing due attention in there talk shows on central issues of public interest such poverty, youth employment, and rural development as highlighted in the EDPRS II as key concerns that the public would be interested in hearing from the presidential candidates. This may however be analysed as not being a problem given the fact that these issues may have received special coverage in other specific programs such as newscasts and live debates especially by the public broadcaster.

The findings also reveal that candidates’ agendas and manifestos were discussed and this is an indication that the media impartially focused on news related to candidates and elections to enable the public to be informed about agenda and manifesto.

Conclusively, RMC advises journalists and media houses to continue performing intensively but also professionally in order to serve Rwandans in exercising their civil and political rights on the eve of presidential elections on 4th August, 2017.

Click here to Download: Monitoring Report on Elections July2017