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Professional Journalism – Tips from Fred MUVUNYI, RMC Chairman  

“From a sad and shamefully biased, and hate media that played a part in the 1994 genocide, the media fraternity resolve to adopt, promote and abide by principles designed to build a strong, independent, vibrant and responsible media”, said Fred MUVUNYI


Mr. Fred MUVUNYI, Rwanda Media Commission Chairman uttered this to NiNyampinga Journalists during a Life Skills Workshop which took place this Wednesday 10th December, 2014; with a purpose of equipping Ni Nyampinga journalists with skills and tools to support them in their next steps, as they are coming to the end of their time with Ni Nyampinga.


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NiNyampinga Journalists in their Life Skills Workshop

During these trainings, Mr. Fred MUVUNYI said Rwandan media have often been blamed for being an instigator of the 1994 Genocide.


Regarding this, journalists, editors, and publishers are aware of their responsibilities to the general public, serving the truth innate within o culture, upholding and preserving the respect and prestige of the press, being accountable.


“The Code of Ethics instructs journalists to seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable. Meanwhile, this code was to build a professional journalism”, he said.


Holding a talk on “Overview of Local Media Law and Ethics with information on how to become a professional journalist” Mr. Fred MUVUNYI came up with some tips to stand a professional journalist:


–      The Professional Journalist does not spread false information. She/he does not write articles based on groundless assumptions or predictions.

–      The Professional Journalist does not use abusive, vulgar, or otherwise offensive language constituting a personal attack.

–      The Professional Journalist does not damage the reputation of others by composing articles that infringe on personal privacy.

–      The Professional Journalist does not use his position for unjust gain, or otherwise seek personal profit.

–      The Professional Journalist does not exaggerate or distort facts on behalf of himself or any organization to which he belongs.

–      The Professional Journalist apologizes fully and promptly for coverage that is wrong or otherwise inappropriate.

–      The Professional Journalist uses legitimate methods to gather information, and clearly informs his sources of the intention to cover a story.


Ni Nyampinga is a brand aimed at inspiring and enabling adolescent girls in Rwanda, with a mission to reframe and reposition the value of girls by creating a dynamic teen culture and positive collective identity for girls.


Currently Ni Nyampinga is a magazine and radio show – both designed to elevate the voice and agency of Rwandan adolescent girls, ad inspire decision makers and communities to believe in and actively foster her potential.


Attentive, NiNyampinga listening to RMC's Chairman guidelines

Attentive, NiNyampinga listening to RMC’s Chairman guidelines

SUGI Patricia, Ni Nyampinga journalists trainer at Girl Hub Rwanda (On her laptop)

SUGI Patricia, Ni Nyampinga journalists trainer at Girl Hub Rwanda (On her laptop)


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