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Request for expression of interest to develop tools and deliver training

Request for expression of interest to develop tools and deliver training

Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) through its partnership with National Women Council (NWC) has received funds from UN WOMEN to engender media in preparation for the forthcoming legislative elections. Among the activities to be implemented by RMC on behalf of NWC is to develop several tools and deliver trainings as per the attached Terms of Reference (ToRs).

Against that background RMC is requesting for your proposal (technical and financial) guided by the attached ToRS to be submitted to RMC Secretariat whose premises are situated  in Remera opposite the National Stadium by 26th June 2018 not latter than 17h00pm. Late submissions shall be rejected.

The individual consultant shall submit a proposal that is well written in accordance to the attached ToRs and Curriculum Vitae (CV), properly sealed in envelops and addressed to the Executive Secretary of RMC.

For more information, please click here:Request for expression of interest to develop tools and deliver training

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Seminar presentation of online media content monitoring report

In April, 2018 Rwanda Media Commission conducted media monitoring assessment on the quality of online media content.

After the completion of the assessment, RMC presented to online media owners/editors the findings and this was done in line with the intention to conduct regular platform for exchange of ideas on how the best the media can serve the public.

Pictures from the seminar presentation:

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Every year Rwanda Journalists Association (ARJ) in collaboration with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), the Media High Council (MHC) and Rwanda Media Commission, the Media Self-Regulatory Body organizes Development Journalism Awards to recognize and promote excellence and professionalism in the media sector.  The awards include categories whose winners are determined through public votes; and it is in that framework that the Rwanda Media Self-Regulatory Body has secured a grant to conduct the public votes under a mini-survey.

Interested consultants should submit well written bids written in English, to Rwanda Media Commission premises located at Remera, Gasabo District, Amahoro Stadium Road KG 17 not later than 27 September, 2017 5:00 pm. local time. Late bids shall be rejected.

I. Objectives of the Consultancy

The Mini-survey is aimed at identifying winners in the following DJA categories:

  1. Best anchor/Presenter: Each interested Media House will submit names of one person they deem to be their best presenter/anchor and the names will be submitted to respondents.
  2. Most Popular Radio Station: Respondents will be asked to name the Radio station they most listen to.
  3. Best Online publication: Respondents will be asked to name the online media outlet they most visit.
  4. Upcoming TV: Respondents will be given the list of private Tvs operating in Rwanda and they will be asked to tick their favorite station
  5. Life Time achievement: The panel of judges will choose the best three longest serving journalists and their names will be submitted to the public to choose the best of them all.
  6. Best Tv and Radio Drama: Shortlisted Radio (3) and Tv (3) Dramas will be subjected to a public vote through a mini-survey.

Note that last year’s winners in public votes are not eligible in this year’s public votes but they can compete in other categories. And those are

  1. Best anchor / Presenter TV: Bienvenue Redemptus
  2. Best Presenter/Radio: Jean Daniel SINDAYIGAYA
  1. Most Popular Radio Station: Radio Rwanda
  2. Best online publication: Igihe.com
  3. Upcoming Tv          : TV1
  4. Life Time achievement: Cleophas Barore


II. Scope of Work

The Mini-survey will consist in reaching out to respondents who will give answers to a number of prepared questions which in turn will help to determine winners in DJA public vote categories:

II.1 Sample Size 

The sample for the Mini survey will be 600 respondents and their proportional break-up is as follow:

  • Ordinary citizens: 400
  • Public relation officers/communication officers/spokespersons: 20
  • Journalists/media managers/chief editors: 100
  • Students and lecturers from schools of journalism (UR, ICK, Mount Kenya, and Kigali Christian University) : 80

II. 2. Area 

The City of Kigali (Kicukiro, Gasabo, Nyarugenge), and one district per each of the four provinces of Rwanda: Muhanga (Southern Province), Rulindo (Northern Province), Bugesera (Eastern Province) and Ngororero (Western Province).

III. Description of Tasks

The selected consultant will perform the following tasks

  1. Submit a proposed work plan in an initial inception report
  2. Prepare a draft questionnaire
  3. Conduct advance testing of the proposed questionnaire to ensure that the questions are clearly formulated and intelligible to respondents.
  4. Have the questionnaire in both Kinyarwanda and English to facilitate understanding by respondents
  5. Mobilize an adequate number of qualified data collection personnel to ensure that the field survey gets completed within agreed time
  6. Carry out the mini-survey based on the approved work plan and questionnaire
  7. Submit a progress report on a regular basis
  8. Handover the row data to Rwanda Media Commission for tallying
  9. Provide a compiled report about the whole data collection process

IV. Deliverables

  1. Inception report with a detailed work plan
  2. Proposed questionnaire
  3. Regular Progress
  4. Submission of raw data alongside with final report.

V .Qualification and Eligibility

The interested consultants should be tax registered firms or individuals with proven experience and deep knowledge of Rwanda’s media sector. Having a previous background in conducting studies and surveys in the media sector is an added advantage. The consultants should be adequately staffed and equipped to conduct such works.

VI. Timelines

The consultant will be required to complete the assignment in two (2) weeks after signing the contract with Rwanda Media Commission.

VII. Selection Process 

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the criteria laid down in point VI on qualifications and Eligibility. Also the consultant will be hired basing on the principle of the lowest bidder.

Criteria, sub-criteria, and point system for the evaluation of Full Technical Proposals are:

  • General experience of the firm in the field: 5points;

The company to provide a proof of five years of existing, each year equals to 1 points

  • Relevant experience in similar services: 5 points;

The company to provide two certificates/ recommendation letters  from reputable organizations , each one is 2,5 points ,

  • Quality of the methodology proposed: 10 points;
  • The methodology/strategic activities;
  • Work plan

Team Leader and the staff

VIII. Terms of Payment for this consultancy will be as follows

  1. 30 % to be paid upon signature of the contract and submission of the inception report;
  2. 30% to be paid upon submission of the validated research instrument report;
  3. 40 % to be paid upon submission of the row data alongside with the final report.

IX. Supervision

For the quality assurance of the mini-survey, the consultancy team will be under the supervision of Rwanda Media Commission and Rwanda Governance Board through its Media Sector Development Department.


Done at Kigali

On 22 September 2017


 MUGISHA Emmanuel

Executive Secretary  


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