The Secretariat is headed by an Executive Secretary. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the Commission, supervising and appraising all staff and ensuring the financial sustainability of the Commission.

The primary responsibility of the Secretariat and therefore the Executive Secretary is twofold: running the day-to-day administrative affairs of the Commission and ensuring the financial sustainability of the Commission through raising funds from different sources as stated in the “Rwanda Media Self-regulation: a blue print” approved by a General Assembly of Journalists and Media Practitioners on August, 2013.

Emmanuel MUGISHA : Executive Secretary
Emmanuel MUGISHA
Executive Secretary

The secretariat is currently overseen by Emmanuel MUGISHA, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at Mount Kenya University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Laws (LLB) from National University of Rwanda (NUR).

He has a strong background in Media Sector. He occupied relevant posts in Media High Council: Legal Advisor, Director of Professionalism and Media Development (Cabinet appointment at Media High Council (MHC), on 7th December, 2011); and he has been appointed as the Ag. Executive Secretary of the Media High Council – (Prime Minister’s appointment letter Ag. Executive Secretary at Media High Council, on 06/01/2012, and handed over to newly appointed Executive Secretary on 8/10/2014.)

BIGANIRO R. Guy : IT and Accreditation Officer
IT and Accreditation Officer

Biganiro Guy is an IT and Accreditation Officer of Rwanda Media Commission, the Media Self-Regulatory Body in Rwanda since September 2019; he is holder of Bachelors degree in Computer Science Management from University of Gitwe.

NDAYIKUNDA Lydia : Legal Officer
Legal Officer

NDAYIKUNDA Lydia holds a degree in Law(LLB) from the National University of Rwanda and completed 4 modules of the Executive Master’s in E-Governance. Previously, she worked in the regulation sector for 3 years and 8 months at RURA as Legal officer and in Law Firms for 1 year and 5 months as Intern Advocate. She also worked for 1 year and 5 months in a private company as a Lawyer.

NDAYIKUNDA attended different trainings such as The PURC Regulatory foundations training, Public private partnership training, Advocates initial training, Legal English & EAC Integration training, and Common Law principles and practices training. She also attended a study tour in SUMATRA and TCRA (Tanzania) and participated in the ITU-R Study group 1&2 ( Geneva – Switzerland).

NYIRATABA Donatha : Finance Manager
Finance Manager

She is a Finance Manager at Rwanda Media Commission. She holds a Masters degree  in Accounting and Finance from University  of Kigali (UoK) and a Bachelor's degree in  Management from Kigali Independent University (ULK).

Imelda BAHATI : Administration & Communications Officer
Administration & Communications Officer

She holds a bachelor degree in Communications from Edith Cowan University